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We have worked with Allison for many years now and absolutely can not recommend her baby memorial jewellery highly enough. The detail Allison manages to capture with her hand/footprint memorial pieces is second to none and something so very important when having a piece made in memory of a precious baby. Allison is incredibly experienced in making baby memorial jewellery and  parents are often worried about the quality of the prints they have in memory of their baby and whether they can be used. The answer 99% of the time is YES, so please do not hesitate to email a scanned copy of them into Allison. Whilst the process involves some minor editing (mainly to remove obvious smudges), Allison feels very strongly about maintaining the authentcity of each special print, so that you have no doubt whatsoever that the hand or footprint on your jewellery is that of your baby’s.  If you do not have your baby’s hand/footprints, Allison has a range of beautifully thought out  pieces to choose from in memory of a little one and can even make special pieces using ultrasound scan images, or include a small amount of ahses in most of her pieces. You can browse through our favourite baby memorial jewellery here.

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