Pure Silver Handmade Cremation Ash Jewellery

♥ Inspired by Harley Rose 

We have worked together on many different ideas with Allison over the years. When I asked her about the possibility of including a small amount of cremation ashes within her jewellery one time, she spent many hours working out how this could possibly be done with her current pieces. The outcome after much thought and care was some absolutely stunning pieces of jewellery made for Harley Rose’s Mummy and Daddy to hold close forever containing a small amount of their daughter’s  precious ashes.

So how does this work? Well, Allison is able to incorporate a small amount of ashes in most of her pure silver pieces of memorial jewellery. So this means that not ony can you have your baby’s prints and / or name imprinted onto your jewellery, you can also have a small amount of your baby’s ashes added too. Any ash that is not used will be sent back to you. Allison’s process does not generate any waste at all which may contain your ashes, so there will be no ash lost. This is the most important thing for Allison.The integrity of these pieces, and how she makes them, is hugely important and she will work very closely with you when designing and making your items. All Allison’s pieces are hand-made and bespoke and it is never too much trouble for her to go through everything very carefully with you, so as to ensure that the end result is perfect.


  • Browse through all of Allison’s jewellery under PastelPrint on the menu and choose a piece that you would like to order. Please note that this process can only work with Allison’s pure silver pieces of jewellery (hand / footprint pieces, pandora style beads, baby bean, butterfly etc), not with her sterling silver pieces (for example her rings or infinity twists.)
  • Either call or email Allison to discuss the design you would like, letting her know that you would like a small amount of ash incorporated inside your jewellery. Allison does have some small secure pots that she will send you to hold a small amount of ash. You can discuss with Allison the best way to get this to her that you feel comfortable with, either by courier, Special Delivery or by hand delivering it. You can find Allison’s contact details on our contact page by clicking here.
  • The cost of having a special piece like this made for you will be approximately £30 depending on the piece, on top of the price of the jewellery you have chosen. Of course you will need to also factor in the postage or petrol cost of getting your baby’s precious ash to Allison too.
  • Allison will then make your jewellery for you and where possible and if requested can send you confidential progress pictures along the way. Any ash that is left over will be safely sent back to you, or can be collected along with your special pieces of completed jewellery 

With special thanks to Harley Rose’s Mummy and Daddy for allowing us to share their beautiful pieces of cremation jewellery in memory of their daughter and allowing Allison to name the collection after Harley Rose.

♥ xxx