♥ Other Baby Memorial Jewellery 

Each of us have something special that reminds us of our baby and brings comfort at difficult times. For some that’s butterflies, for others it’s angels, special wording, a poem or a song. It may be that you are looking for a more subtle baby memorial piece of jewellery that does not mean having to explain all the time. These beautiful pieces enable you to include the things that are special to you and your family and carry something special in memory of your baby always. 

Simply click on the photo of the jewellery below that you like to be taken to Allison’s webiste to find out contact details, all of the options available and to place your order.

WARNING: Clicking the images below will take you directly to Allison’s website. There are one or two images of babies and children on some of the revolving banners at the top of the website. We understand that this might be difficult for some parents, in which case you can contact Allison directly to place your order using her contact details which you will find by clicking here.


  • How long will my jewellery take to be made?

    • Please make sure you check Allison’s waiting times by clicking here BEFORE placing your order, as this page reflects current waiting times and any holiday dates. If you need your jewellery sooner, for example in time for a funeral, please don’t hesitate to contact Allison to see if she can help.

Do you have something else not shown here that reminds you of your baby? Don’t hesitate to contact Allison to discuss something to be added to your jewellery that is special to you. For example, previous designs have seen little dragonflies or ladybirds added too.

Mollie’s Angel Wings

This beautiful piece of jewellery has been designed so thoughfully by Allison with the loss of a baby in mind, that we must tell you a little about the story behind the meaning. It is just such a special thing for anyone to have who has lost a precious baby.


In Memory of Mollie …..

Allison was asked to create a special piece for Mollie’s mum and she has been kind enough to allow us to share our design with other mummy’s who may be looking for something special like this.

This very special piece is split in two, so that one half can remain with the baby and the other with the mummy. It is a broken heart……

…. however, the two pieces of the broken heart have been split so that it looks like two little angel wings, to represent the little wings your precious baby has grown. One wing is left with you, with a heart cut out of it and put on the little wing that will accompany your angel baby on his or her spiritual journey to be with the other angel babies. The little heart from your piece, attached to your angel baby’s piece, represents a bit of your heart, that will always be with your baby.

From £30

This beautiful piece was originally designed with the one half going to rest along with baby which is a wonderful thing to be able to do for those who still have the opportunity. Of course if your baby has already gone to rest, then your baby’s half of the charm can be kept along with their ashes, perhaps put in a little pot and buried at your baby’s resting place, or even just kept along with any other precious keepsakes that you have inside a keepsake box 

Baby Memorial Story Book Jewellery

These beautiful pieces of memorial jewellery can hold any number of things on the pages inside that are special to you. Names, dates, handprints, footprints, short quotes…..the list can go on. As you can see on this example, Allison has made the front cover to be textured and the words in latin translate to “she flies with her own wings” 

From £120

Baby Memorial Butterfly Jewellery

Many bereaved parents associate butterflies with their babies (myself included.) Allison has created a number of really beautiful pieces to incorporate the butterfly, all of which can be personalised especially for you 

Butterfly Wings Pendant Necklace

From £80

Butterfly Cluster Necklace


Butterfly Ribbon Necklace

From £75

Baby Memorial Hammered Rings

We just totally adore these beautiful adjustable rings made by Allison. You can have your own short message inside. The one in the example shown below says “An Angels Mummy  22.09.2006


Faith Footprint Jewellery

For those who love the footprint jewellery, but do not have their own baby’s footprints, Allison has created some generic footprints to make this beautiful range of jewellery 

Faith Footprint Dangle

From £40

Faith Footprints Necklace

From £80

Faith Footprints Cufflinks

From £95

Faith Footprint Keyring

From £75

A Mothers Tears Memorial Jewellery

Beautiful meaningful subtle jewellery to wear in memory of your baby 

Silent Tears Cluster Necklace


A Mother’s Tears Pamdora Style Bracelet with or without footprint bead and with the option of the beautiful mother’s love pandora bead.

From £75

Forget Me Nots, Latin Phrase Pendant and Tiny Tags

More beautiful meaningful subtle jewellery to wear in memory of your baby 

Healing Rose Quartz Forget Me Not Bracelet

From £90

Tiny Tag to add to your own jewellery


“She flies with her own wings” Latin Phrase Necklace

From £65

Forget Me Not Pandora Style Bracelet

From £90

Pandora Style Bead with name added