♥ Baby Memorial Ultrasound Scan Jewellery 

For those who have suffered the devastating loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or having had to make the agonising decision to end a pregnancy for medical reasons, it may be that all you have to remember your baby by is an ultrasound scan image. Allison can shrink down these images and imprint them onto silver jewellery to enable you to carry an image of your baby with you always. 

Simply click on the photo of the jewellery below that you like to be taken to Allison’s webiste to find out contact details, all of the options available and to place your order.

WARNING: Clicking the images below will take you directly to Allison’s website. There are one or two images of babies and children on some of the revolving banners at the top of the website. We understand that this might be difficult for some parents, in which case you can contact Allison directly to place your order using her contact details which you will find by clicking here.


  • How long will my jewellery take to be made?
    • Please make sure you check Allison’s waiting times by clicking here BEFORE placing your order, as this page reflects current waiting times and any holiday dates. If you need your jewellery sooner, don’t hesitate to contact Allison to see if she can help.
  • Will I need to post Allison the original paper copy of my ultrasound scan?
    • NO! Allison would never ask you to part with something so precious. Allison can work from a scanned in image of your baby’s ultrasound that can be emailed to her, or if you don’t have access to a scanner, a high resolution close up digital photograph can work too.
  • The only scan image I have is very early on in my pregnancy. Can this still be used?
    • In most cases, yes. Whilst the shape of your baby that Alison takes from your scan image may not be very well defined for others to see, it is a shape that is very special to you. Alison can send you an image of how the shape of your baby from your scan would be imprinted onto your jewellery to help you to decide.

Baby Memorial Scan Necklace

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Baby Memorial Scan Bracelet

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Baby Memorial Scan Dangle

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