♥ Picture Proud 

We have worked with Ruth from Picture Proud almost since the website first started out. We absolutely love all of her gifts and she has made many beautiful baby memorial keepsake boxes and gifts for bereaved parents over the years.

Ruth has some really beautiful designs that she has created for her wooden keepsake boxes. She also creates bespoke baby memorial boxes that can have your baby’s hand / footprints, ultrasound scan image, or a photo of your baby on. If you have lots of images, she can even create beautiful collage designs. Ruth also makes beautiful baby urn / ashes boxes for those who had their little one cremated and wish to keep the ashes. Click on the images below to be taken to Ruth’s website.


  • How long will my keepsake box / hanging heart take to be made?
    • It normally takes between 14 – 28 days for your order to be made and posted. Please check with Ruth first if ordering in time for a special date. 
  • How do I send photos / footprints to Ruth if ordering a bespoke design?

    • These images are far too precious for any originals to be sent in, so any pictures can be sent to Ruth via email. For the very best reults, please send in scanned images and set the scanner to a high resolution before scanning in (at least 300dpi.) This is important, as otherwise, during the printing process, images can become pixelated or blurred.

GOOD TO KNOW: Each image below takes you to the dedicated bereavement section of the Picture Proud website.

Set Design Keepsake Boxes

angel train

Angel Train Keepsake Box

From £54.95

noah bereavement

Noah’s Ark Keepsake Box **

From £54.95

Fairy and Frog Keepsake Box

From £54.95

Moonbeams Keepsake Box

From £54.95

butterfly heart baby memorial keepsake box

Butterfly Heart Keepsake Box

From £54.95

butterflies baby memorial keepsake box

Butterfly Keepsake Box

From £54.95

twinkle box

Twinkle Twinkle Keepsake Box

From £54.95

custom set desgn baby memorial box

Bespoke From Set Design Memorial Keepsake Boxes

Contact Ruth for prices

Bespoke Design Baby Memorial Keepsake Boxes

Ruth is able to create a unique and special keepsake box for you to keep all of your baby’s things / cards etc  safe. Ruth’s beautiful baby memorial keepsake boxes can have your baby’s footprints on, a special poem, or a photo that is precious to you. Each image takes you directly to the product shown, but if you are unsure of what to choose / how to order, please don’t hesitate to contact Ruth who will help you every step of the way 

Footprints Keepsake Box

Footprints and wording can be any colour.

The wording at the bottom reads:

Even the smallest of feet
have the power to leave
everlasting footprints
upon this world

From £109.95

Collage Design Keepsake Box
Up to Five images

You can add any images that are special to you for these beautiful baby memorial collage boxes. The one shown here was made for Alexandra Grace and I chose a photo of me and her daddy just before I got pregnant, a photo of me pregnant, an ultrasound scan image, a photo of Alexandra after she was born and then a photo of Alexandra’s daddy and I getting married six months after we lost our little girl.

From £109.05

Bespoke Baby Memorial Urn / Ashes Boxes and Hanging Hearts

For those who have their baby cremated and decide to keep their baby’s ashes, it can be difficult to find a fitting place to keep those precious ashes. Ruth’s beautiful urn boxes can be personalised however you would like. Please feel free to contact her directly to talk through what you would like before placing your order, or click on the image to be taken to her website that shows all of the options available.

Baby Cremation Urn Box

From £119.95

Wooden Hanging Heart

From £19.95