♥ Baby Loss Jewellery for Him 

Below you will find a beautiful selection of baby memorial handstamped jewellery for Dads, Uncles, Grandads or brother by Cathy. Simply clink on the image of any of the items that you like to be taken directly to Cathy’s website where you will find  the options of how to buy, more  stunning jewellery and Cathy’s contact details. Please note that Cathy’s website is safe and shows baby memorial jewellery only.



  • How long will my jewellery take to be made?

    • It normally takes 1 – 2 weeks for your jewellery from Cathy to be made and despatched, but please make sure you check Cathy’s current waiting time by clicking here BEFORE placing your order, as this page reflects current waiting times and any holiday dates. If you need your jewellery sooner, for example in time for a funeral, please don’t hesitate to contact Cathy to see if she can help.


Clicking on the images below will take you directly to Cathy’s website. Cathy’s website is also set up especially for bereaved parents, so there will be no new baby images etc there that might take you by surprise, as we know how upsetting this can be, especially in the early days of having lost a little one 

Baby Memorial Necklaces

We love this beautiful collection of necklaces especially for men by Cathy including the special missing piece jigsaw baby memorial jewellery   

his jigsaw necklacer

Jigsaw Baby Memorial Necklace


Baby Memorial Personalised Dogtag Necklace


Our Missing Piece Jigsaw Necklace


Hole in my Heart Footprints Dogtag


Ball Chain Jigsaw Necklace


Baby Memorial Bracelets

Beautiful bracelets for men, lovingly personalised to order by Cathy 

Guitar Pick Cord Memorial Bracelet


Mini Dogtag Cord Memorial Bracelet


Baby Memorial Keepsakes and Keyrings

A beautiful selection of personalised keepsakes and keyrings created by Cathy. The hole in my heart dogtag keyring shown below allows you to place the heart keepsake in a special place for your baby (that could be their keepsake box, their resting place or by their photo, or even in their hand if you have recently lost your baby and have not yet had the funeral) and then for you to keep the dogtag keyring close. We love the meaning of this keyring, as our babies will forever hold our hearts and our hearts will never be fully complete again 

Baby Memorial Dogtag Keyring


Baby Memorial Guitar Pick Keyring


Baby Memorial Guitar Pick Keepsake


Hole in my Heart Baby Memorial Dogtag Keyring


Mini Dogtag Memorial Keyring


Baby Memorial Tag Keyring