♥ A Baby’s Funeral  

Words can not express how sorry we are that you find yourself here on our website.
Nobody should ever have to think about arranging a funeral for their own child and we wish with all our hearts that things were different for you.

Your final goodbye to your baby will be one of, if not the most difficult and devastating things you will ever have to do. Their short life will have had and will continue to have a huge impact on your lives forever.

Your baby’s service can also be a beautiful way to honour your baby’s memory and we understand first hand just how important it is to make the day as special as possible.

“I can remember wondering how on earth I would ever make it through that day. I had this horrible deep feeling in the pit of my stomach that it was all just so wrong. We should have been getting to grips with becoming new parents, changing nappies and moaning about sleepless nights, not sat there waiting for our baby’s little coffin to arrive. I could have quite easily just curled up in a lttle ball and hidden somewhere where I could pretend this wasn’t happening to us.”

Actually though looking back, the day was a beautiful, fitting and meaningfull tribute to our little girl and we look back with pride at giving her such a peaceful and lovely day. She had touched so many lives and all of our family and friends were there to acknowledge how important her tiny life was. Although a difficult one, her funeral day is one of the very few precious memories of Alexandra that we have and we treasure this memory greatly.

Funeral / Memorial arrangements are a very personal choice and you will need to take some time to think about what is right for you and your baby.

Just a few of the things / ideas that you may want to consider are:

  • Who would you like to join you at your baby’s funeral/memorial service?
  • Would you like a religious or more general service? 
  • Is there a special song/s you would like to play?
  • Is there a special poem / verse you would like spoken?
  • Is there something special you would like your baby dressed in?
  • Is there a special blanket you would like your baby wrapped in?
  • Do you have a special toy you would like your baby to go to rest with? A lovely idea is to have two identical toys, one to go to rest with your baby and one to keep close. Lots of hospitals now give two identical teddies for this purpose, however if you did not receive teddies from your hospital, below are two wonderful organisations who have raised money to send teddies for free (you may just need to send the postage costs). If you have the time, you can give one teddy to your baby and keep one at home to cuddle and then just before your baby goes to rest you can swap them over so you always have something your baby has touched and your baby has something you have touched.

Aching Arms provide beautiful teddies like these for bereaved parents. Click image for info.

Lesley from ComforTED makes and donated these beautiful little felt teddies. Click image for info.


  • Writing a letter to your baby that can be put in their hand to go to rest.
  • Would you like people to bring flowers to your service? Or would you prefer the money to go to a charity. Another thing to consider is the considerable and unexpected cost of a memorial stone or urn for your baby. Some parents find it helpful to ask for donations towards this.
  • If your baby was tiny, these websites are really helpful in finding, or having some clothes made especially for your baby and all of them are experienced in creating memorial clothing. Click on each image for more information:

Little Things

Cheeky Chums

Preemies UK
  • If you wanted something different to the white casket for your baby to go to rest in, Colourful Coffins can create something unique for you. Click here to find their website. 

The important thing to remember is that we are all different and there is no right or wrong for any of the things that you decide to do.

After losing our baby, we felt like all of our memories, hopes and dreams that were meant to be had been so cruelly stolen away from us. Creating special memories for our baby girl has been one of the few things that has been able to bring us some comfort.

We set up this website and service specialising in ideas of things to do specifically following the loss of a precious baby, whether that be directly afterwards, or in the months or years to come to help keep a baby’s memory alive . We struggled to find anything to help in this way following the loss of our daughter and set our service up in her memory. 

We will never forget and although not physically here, our babies will forever be an important part of our families.

Ideas in particular to help make a funeral special could be:

  • A personalised condolence book for family members and friends to write in at / following a funeral. These books can then continue to be used as a personal journal for you to continue to write to your baby, or can be kept as a visitors book in a safe water tight container at your baby’s resting place for people to continue to write to your baby when they visit them. Simply search personalised condolence book online to find one just right for you and your baby.
  • Packs of forget me not seeds to be handed out a funeral for family and friends to plant in memory of your baby. If planted correctly, beautiful forget me not flowers will grow in memory of your baby each year, making this such a special tribute and way to keep your baby’s memory alive.
  • Jewellery that can be split, with one piece remailing with your baby and the rest to be kept forever. 

Again, we are just so sorry you have reason to find this page at all, but hope that our service helps in some small way, whether that be by inspiring an idea of something special to do yourself for your baby’s funeral, helping by making something unique to treasure for you in memory of your baby, or simply by finding us and realising you are not alone.