More Ideas

Here are a few ideas of other things you could do in memory of your baby. Some are just ideas, others are links to other websites we either thought looked beautiful or we have / will be using ourselves.

We hope you find this information helpful.


Create an online memorial page sharing your story and allowing others to leave messages and light virtual candles for your baby. You can do this for free. Alexandra’s was created via the “gone too soon” website, but there are others too.

Have a portrait created in memory of your baby. We can very highly recommend Sue Fernandes who did Alex’s portrait. She can create one for you even if you don’t have pictures of your baby. Click image for further details.

Another artist who comes highly recommended to us is a lovely lady called Dana who is based in the USA. Click on the image to find her website and contact details if you would like to enquire about a pencil sketch of your baby.

These beautiful little bears can be made using bedding, or special clothes you had for your baby and can be weighted to match your baby’s exact birth weight. Click on the image to be taken to Little Ones to find out more.


Take a look at this stunning website where you can have your baby’s name written in the sand on the most beautiful beach and then a photo taken at sunset. Such a wonderful idea. Please click image for more details.

This is another beautiful website called “the day that……” and you can buy a beautiful framed photograph of the day that your baby was born or a day that is special to you with a personalised message. Click image for more details.

I love the items this lady makes. She has such a beautiful selection of baby loss gifts inspired by the loss of her baby boy and is based in the UK. Click on image to be taken to the website.

This is a website based in the USA called My Forever Child. They have some really lovely gifts on here. Shipping may be expensive to UK due to location. Click on image to be taken to the website.

Find some absoloutely stunning baby loss sculptures at The Midnight Orange (USA).

The artist from the Midnight Orange works together with this website, Remembering Our Babies. There are some beautiful things on here. They are based in the USA so P&P may be expensive.

The Tiny Dream Shop  based in the USA create absolutely gorgeous little sculptures. The link will take you to the facebook page, but you can also find Casey’s work over at  the Remembering Our Babies website (link above) who Casey works closely with.

I love this lady’s needlework angels. She is based in the UK and is happy to make custom orders. Please be warned that the link takes you to the facebook page and it is not a memorial site. We know how difficult it can be looking at non memorial websites following the loss of a little one 


  • Create a space in your garden dedicated to your baby. You can fill this space with little items that you come across whilst out and about over time, such as little windmills, fairies, wind chimes, winnie the pooh etc.
  • Have a shelf in your living room or bedroom again dedicated with little things for your baby. We have a shelf with Alex’s little sculpture, her candles, her giraffe identical to the one she was buried with, some angel ornaments, her photo and her portrait. If you can’t make it to your babies grave, it’s comforting to have somewhere special you can put flowers and light a candle instead.
  • Name a Star in memory of your baby. Such a beautiful gift and there are lots of online companies that offer this.
  • This is not to everyones taste, but for some, a re-born doll made to order from a picture and weighing exactly the same as when your baby was born is a comfort. If you do want to look into this, it’s best not to rush into anything and ensure you do plenty of research into the artists previous work first. You may find that others find the idea of a re-born doll completely distasteful and actually strange, as I have to admit I previously did. However, as time has gone on and seeing others, I’ve really changed my mind about these and although not something that would comfort me, I no longer find it strange at all.
  • If you have photo’s, you may like to get them re-touched. There are a number of people who specialise in this service particularly for those who have lost a baby. They are able to remove bruising, marks, tubes etc or some can even create special pictures of your baby with you, on a cloud or with angels for example. Here is a link to a lady who we can recommend. Please be warned there are lots of pictures of baby’s on this website. Vicky creates really beautiful pictures and has lost a baby herself so completely understands how important your pictures are. Click here for her website and contact details. Click here for another website we found via sands also specialising in this service.
  • If your baby was cremated and you have ashes, there is an option of having some of your babies ashes made into silver jewellery, glass jewellery or even diamonds. You can find informtion about silver cremation jewellery made by PastelPrint by clicking here.  Click here for a website we found who offer this service for glass. This company has been recommended to us by a lady who had a beautiful ring made in memory of her baby. She was even able to go to the shop in London and watch while her baby’s ashes were made into glass and said that the owners could not have been more compassionate and helpful. For diamonds, try a google search “ashes to diamonds” as we have not had a recommendation for this yet.
  • Keep a journal in which to write to your baby and also to write down your private thoughts and feelings. There’s something very thereputic in putting pen to paper.
  • Leave a notepad or journal at your baby’s resting place asking anyone who visits to leave your baby a little message. You will need a waterproof container for your book, but this is such a lovely comforting thing to do.
  • A suggestion from Amy – “I am currently making embroidery samplers for my three babies whom I lost to miscarriage.  It is common for people to do these when babies are born, so I felt I wanted to make one for each of my babies, who are no longer with me, but are living somewhere else and have left an imprint on earth and in my heart.”
  • A suggestion from Tansim – “my daughter recently lost her baby due to still birth at 39weeks.  When i go to visit him at his grave I like to read him a story.  I have left a book of nursery rhymes so anybody can read to him if they dont know what to say.”

Do you have a suggestion to be added to this page? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.